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Get to Know WASARA

Clearly designed to accentuate food and drink, WASARA elevates single-use tableware to a whole new level. Offering the best in Japanese design, these products fit comfortably in the hand, with an elegant texture and sturdy quality that are unparalleled in the category.

Sheer beauty is only half the story, though: WASARA is also a fully “green” product.

Made from tree-free renewable materials, and fully biodegradable and compostable, WASARA is as good to the earth as it is to your culinary creations. WASARA tableware is made from sugar cane fiber, bamboo, and reed pulp. WASARA utensils are made from 100% bamboo, peeled directly from the bamboo culm.

Everything in the WASARA collection is available in retail packs as well as bulk packs for those hosting large events.

Branch is proud to be the exclusive North American importer of the WASARA collection. We do our best to keep stock of all WASARA products, which ship direct from our San Francisco warehouse.

To place an order, click here. To order a sample kit, which contains one of each piece in the collection, click here.

If you’re a reseller or an event planner/caterer/institutional buyer with an interest in WASARA products, please read on.

If you’re a press outlet interested in photos or more information, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WASARA made from?
WASARA is a 100% tree-free product. WASARA tableware is made from bagasse (sugar-cane fiber), bamboo, and reed pulp — all of which are agricultural waste byproducts. Added to the mix is a trace of a water- and oil-resistant agent. WASARA utensils are made from 100% bamboo, peeled directly from the bamboo culm.

How does WASARA stand up to heat and liquids?
In a word, beautifully. Unlike other compostable tableware made from bagasse (sugar cane fiber), WASARA does not become pliable or “sweat” when hot liquids are added. This is thanks to WASARA’s unique formulation.

Is WASARA microwaveable?

Is WASARA oven-safe?
WASARA is not recommended for use in conventional or convection ovens.

Is WASARA suitable for use in refrigerators and freezers?
WASARA stands up well to refrigeration. Likewise, it’s great for “plating” pre-frozen foods (ice cream, frozen yogurt, etc.) and storing in the freezer. It is not recommended for using as a “mold” in which to freeze liquids, as natural expansion during freezing can stress the container’s form.

How biodegradable is WASARA?
WASARA is ASTM D-6400 certified (the same standard used by the Biodegradable Products Institute) to be fully biodegradable and compostable, even in home composting systems.

Will WASARA biodegrade during my party?
No. WASARA will biodegrade only when subjected to the conditions of a composting bin or other disposal situations (i.e., high-heat and -pressure conditions). Thanks to WASARA’s unique formulation, which includes a trace amount of a water- and oil-resistant agent, these products hold up beautifully during the span of your event.

Who designed WASARA?
WASARA is designed by Shinichiro Ogata, an award-winning designer based in Tokyo, Japan.

Where is WASARA made?
WASARA is manufactured in China, near the source of its raw materials. The factory is ISO 9001 & 14001 certified, which means it meets international standards for management and environmental protection.

Upon leaving the factory, WASARA products travel a very short distance (less than 50 miles) by truck to a port. From there, they are loaded onto a container ship and travel by ocean freight (which has a very low carbon footprint) to the port of Oakland, California. From Oakland, the products are delivered by truck to our San Francisco warehouse, less than 25 miles from the port.

I am an individual looking to use WASARA products for a party. How do I get more information and order products?
Retail packs of WASARA, containing 6 – 12 pieces each, are available for purchase here on our website. For a list of other retail outlets around the U.S. and Canada, please visit this link, and scroll down to find your area.

I am a retailer. How do I get more information and order retail packs for sale in my shop?
We’re happy to help. Simply fill out the form below. We will contact you with more information and pricing.

I am a caterer/event planner/chef. How do I get more information and order bulk packages?
Bulk packs are available for purchase here on our site. (You may also phone in your order to 877-626-1012.) If you’d like to set up a trade account with us, or for additional information, simply fill out the form below. We will contact you to discuss your needs.

Are samples available?
Yes. Sample kits, which include one of each of the 18 pieces in the collection, are currently available for purchase here. Priced at $20, they ship with a coupon good for $20 off your next purchase of WASARA.

How do you ship?
We ship all orders via FedEx. Ground service is our standard offering, though expedited service is also available. For large orders, LTL shipping is also available. Please contact us for details. All orders ship FOB San Francisco.

Wait! I have more questions!
We’re happy to answer your questions. Please email us at and we’ll get back to you just as soon as we can.

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