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  Bulk Compostable Plates, Bowls & Trays
Bulk Compostable Plates, Bowls & Trays

Compostable Plates, Bowls, & Trays


Made in China or Thailand


100% sugar cane fiber (bagasse), a byproduct of the sugar refining process. (Supplies of this material are virtually unlimited worldwide. The use of bagasse products eliminates the dependence of traditional wood fiber-based materials in disposable tableware. Since bagasse is traditionally burned for disposal, the diversion of the fiber into the making of tableware prevents harmful air pollution.)


12 oz. Bowl: 5.25" diameter x 1.75" tall
16 oz. Bowl: 5.5" diameter x 2" tall
7" Plate: 7.25" diameter x .75" tall
9" Plate: 9.25" diameter x .75" tall
9" Oblong Tray: 9.25" long x 6.5" wide x .75" tall
12" Oval Platter: 12.5" long x 10" wide x 1" tall


These disposable dinnerware pieces are fully biodegradable and compostable, and are designed for elegant entertaining, indoors or out.

They're attractive, unbleached, FDA-approved food-safe, and they're much sturdier than standard paper plates. (They're comparable to Chinetâ„¢ brand plates.)

Not only are they made from renewable resources (see above), they're microwavable, freezer safe, oil resistant, and capable of handling hot or cold foods and beverages.

After use, this product can be recycled for the making of paper, or 100% catabolized as compost.

Dinnerware is sold in individual packs of 50 pieces, or by the case. For packs of 50 pieces, select from the pull-down menu below.

Looking for full cases? For bulk purchases of these compostable products, please click here.


12 oz. Bowl: Available in cartons only
16 oz. Bowl: Available in cartons only
7" Plate: Available in cartons only
9" Plate: Available in cartons only
9" Compartmentalized Plate: Available in cartons only
9" Oblong Tray: Available in cartons only
12" Oval Platter: Available in cartons only


Available in cartons only


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